Web Services Tutorial

I would like to thank Akash Dalal for his comments about the usability of the first-cut draft of this document. Thanks are also due to Veena Gudi for valuable technical inputs pertaining especially to JAX-RPC.Finally I would like to thank Sunil Bidwalkar for being so inspiring. Many thanks to him.

- Hrishikesh Bhagwat
23 April 2002

The Table Of Contents

A guide to how the tutorial is organized
Before We Start

What are web services and how they differ from other distributed technologies
Chapter 1. Web Services Foundation
1.1 General Definition

1.2 Are some of current technologies actually Web Services ?

1.3 Problems with Cross Platform "Data Exchange and Remote Procedural Invocation"

1.3.1 "SOAP", the clean solution

1.4 The Problem of Cross Platform "Service Description"

1.4.1 "WSDL" the solution

1.5 UDDI


Building Web Service using JAVA-SOFT's JAX-RPC framework(specifications).
Chapter 2. Building Web Services with JAX-RPC (Elementary Section)
coauthor : Veena Gudi
2.1 Our Test Case

2.2 General Steps for building a Web Services
2.2.1 Writing the Service Interface

2.2.1 Writing Implementation for the Service Interface

2.2.3 The Layer below the Implementation

2.2.4 Describing the Service

2.2.5 Role of an interested Client

2.3 Be Smart : Use an Existing Framework

2.3.1 JAX-RPC

2.4 Building web services using JAX-RPC

2.4.1 Installation

2.4.2 Service Definition Interface

2.4.3 Service Implementation Class

2.4.4 Generating Server Side Artifacts About the xrpcc tool

2.4.6 Exporting the WSDL Document

2.4.7 Generating Client Side Artifacts

2.4.8 Writing the Client Side Code

2.4.9 Run the example

Appendix A : JAX-RPC Supported Java Types

About the Author :
Hrishikesh Bhagwat is a Developer at Xoriant Solutions. "XML Based Distributed Computing" is one among his recent interests. He is a frequent contributor to SUN's JAX-RPC Interest Group. Hrishikesh has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineer and is currently working for his PGDST at NCST.